internet basics

Tiếng Việt?

SaNet is a recently formed internet provision service, and is a branch of Dovan Computers; rest assured that you are receiving reliable internet, at very affordable prices.

Casual Dial-up Account@SaNet 

- Pay only for what you use!

- Cost is measured in minutes, to ensure that none of your hard-earned money is lost.

- Like your pre-paid mobile plans, there are no regular fixed rates to pay; buy some time, and top it off when you need to; it's that simple!

Monthly access@SaNet

-Got a budget, and planning to keep it? Monthly access provides without the big expenses.

- Choose from a wide variety of monthly access limits.

- Surf when you want to; no penalty costs occur through little usage.

*For more information, feel free to contact us on (08) 82400455, or via email at