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A network is a series of computers that are interlinked, enabling the transfer of data between the computers.


Networks can be seen as one of the "essesntials" of today's working environment. As well as enabling the transfer of files of any sort between the computers, networks also enable the shared use of hardware, such as pritners, between the networked computers. Through a network, a single user may also watch over all the machines, allowing a more secure work environment.

Items essential in the construction of a network include network cards and several computers, as well as the skills neccessary to set up and maintain such a network. Fortunately, these are all available at Dovan Computers, allowing you to experience the benefits of a home or office network, without the hassle.

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The pricing table below shows the domain prices.
The three plans, and their recommended retail prices, are also shown below:

Domain Pricing $59 / 2yrs $59 / 2yrs $29 / 2yrs $43 / 2yrs $35 / 2yrs
.com $25 / 1yr
.net $25 / 1yr
.org $25 / 1yr
.info $25 / 1yr
.biz $25 / 1yr $35 / 1yr $35 / 1yr $35 / 1yr

Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3
Recommended Monthly Fee $9.95
$19.95 $29.95
Disk Space Allocated
100 MB
250 MB
1,000 MB
Traffic/Bandwidth (per mth)       2 Gig 5 Gig 20 Gig
Email Accounts 5 50 250
MySQL Databases 1 5 25